Uganda self drive safaris are full of adventure experiences as you become the manager of yourself on the road with that perfect car hire of your dream. With a self drive tour, planning for your trip remains in your side and you enjoy total freedom to explore variety of tourist attractions at your own pace unlike the guided safaris that come with mixed travel interests.

Once you think of self drive safaris in Uganda, make sure that you have adequate driving skills and perfect yourself with the kind of African roads. Renting and driving in the pearl of Africa is completely the perfect way for you to explore what this spectacular destination offers to the world. While self drive safaris have become the most sought after travel experiences, you ought to have enough sleep prior embarking on your road trip.

In case you feel like sleeping, make sure that you park aside and take some minutes to rest and then proceed after and it isn’t a crime for you to do so. But the good part of it the bumpy roads will keep you awake especially in potholes. To have the most comfortable and enjoyable road trip in Uganda, the following tips must be put into consideration;

  1. Do not drive when you are very tired
    When it comes to road trips in any destination, the first thing to come at the back of your mind is your safety. If you are planning to set off for self drive safari, you certainly need to have enough rest and avoid driving when you are very tired. For some of you who are planning to embark on an independent trip, you will have a flexible safari and you can spend some time for you to grab some rest and then proceed to a destination of your choice. In case you had a busy schedule previous day, you can use the following day for relaxation and you will set off for your actual trip when you are very fine. To go for a self drive, you will need a strong mind especially when it comes to long distant tours.
  2. Do not drive under pressure-rushing
    This is common with people who find themselves late and they start driving like there is no tomorrow. Life is precious! If you do not know how long you will spend on the road, it is advisable that you set off earlier to avoid night driving. Contact our receptionist and we shall book for you the best car for you in advance to help you have the enjoyable tour as earlier as possible.
  3. Utilize caffeinated products
    Driving with assistance of caffeine makes you to be awake in most of the times especially when it comes to solo travel in Uganda. Whenever, you feel like dosing you can grab a cup of your coffee and take and then you proceed with your journey, this will help you not fall a sleep.
  4. Have breaks or drive in turns
    With self drive safaris, you become a controller of your car though not the owner. For long distant safaris, you will need to have breaks after each 2 to 3 hours or 100 kilometers as one way for you to have enough time to rest and refresh the mind. You can park the car aside where it is safe and thereafter, catch a glimpse at the sceneries and take your snake or listen to a good song. After, you can proceed after 15 to 30 minutes. In case you are two people on self drive and your colleague also knows how to drive, you can alternate to relieve the other party also.
  5. Always have enough sleep
    Uganda road trip with car hire for long distances requires you to have adequate sleep prior embarking on your actual safari the next day. Or you can spare about 20 to 30 minutes for you to take a nap to help you stay alert for the rest of hours while on safari. And in case sleep persists after even taking caffeine, you can simply park aside and take short sleep and you won’t feel any sleep again. Sleep is a natural and you can’t do without otherwise you can be stressing yourself if you persisted to do without while on long distance drive.
  6. Travel and share driving with friend or spouse
    In order not to waste time, you can simply alternate with your colleagues driving so as to maximize the time and to avoid sleep. This strategy is of great value for visitors on long distant journeys.

In conclusion, self drive safaris in Uganda are exciting but stressing especially for long distant journeys. If you are planning for your next vacation and you are interested in self drives and long distance journeys in Uganda, follow the above tips and you will have the most enjoyable safari in your life.


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