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Enjoy Wildlife Safaris with Trojenn Tours

Trojenn tours is a tour operator based in Uganda. We offer discounted wildlife in Uganda, and neighboring countries, tailored to suit your needs. Apart from wildlife safaris, we also offer packages on Uganda cultural tours, Nature and religious tours. We boost of the most experienced and knowledgeable safari guides and state of the a rt 4×4 tour vehicles for hire both on self drive and driver guide basis to guide you to the wildlife reserves and amazing wilderness destinations of Uganda . We offer a world class standard of service – fantastic game viewing trips hence a memorable African safari trip

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Prepare your own trip of life with self Drive in Uganda. Welcome to Trojenn Tours and Car rental located in kampala that specializes in Uganda Safari tours and Car rental. Discover our road trip and get discounted cars for Safaris in Uganda. Trojenn Tours and Car rentals offers affordable budget 4 wheel Drive rental cars and have an opportunity to visit Ugandas mountain gorillas and wild life in your comfort style.

Explore Uganda with Special car rental rates and Experienced Driver Guide from good roads to wildlife and land scape site. Our fleet includes 4×4 Wheel Vehicles, Vans and Midi Buses for group travel, Customized Safari Vehicles that suit wildlife safaris in Uganda’s National parks. For normal travels, we have great 2 wheel drive saloon vehicles for hire including Toyota Premios, Roof Top tent land Cruiser, Nisan Patrol, Toyota Rav4 with camping gears, Toyota Noah as well as good Comfortable SUVs for business

We offer extra services like booking Gorilla permits, chimp permits, safari lodges, Campsites.We offer extensive travel experience thought your journey and Always available 24hrs during your holiday In Uganda with Us.

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Toyota Prado $70

Rent the Toyota Prado Roof Top Tent for an ultimate Self Drive Car rental experience In Uganda, its a Petro, Full time 4wheel, carry 5 pax featuring great interior with enough space.

Toyota Safari Land Cruiser $300

Land cruiser Tz is a strong 4×4 fleet with the carrying capacity of 5 Paxs, AC, Open Roof, No AC & Manual.Sunroof & ABS, Automatic or Manual, Available and suitable for group tours

Toyota Super Custom $100

Full time 4W Diesel Car for hire, Features AC, seats 5 pax max, pop-up roof, great interior and with enough luggage space. Available and suitable for chauffeur and group tours in Uganda

Toyota Noah Tourer

Toyota Noah toured is a reliable 4×4 fleet that has the carrying capacity suitable for group tours and Ac, Sunroof,ABS, Budget Fleets for Self drive trips with enough luggage space

Toyota Rav4 $ 100

Toyota Safari Rav4 is a reliable Recreational Active Vehicle 4WD fleet that has the carrying capacity of 4 Paxs, Ac, Sunroof,ABS, Budget Fleets for Self drive trips.

Toyota land cruiser V8

5 doors seats 4pax max with enough luggage space and Full time 4Wheel. Available for hire in Kigali Rwanda or delivered to a destination of your choice.

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Kampala city Tours make the most out of your trip to Kampala. The capital City of Uganda by taking a guide tour to enjoy the rich cultural history and tourist attractions of this beautiful city built across famous hills.

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Nile River Explorers welcomes you to Jinja. East Africa’s Adventure Capital is home to some of the world’s finest grade 5 white water rafting and other adventure enthusiast activities at the Nile.

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Uganda is the pearl Of Africa with various green vegetation, wild life Elephants, Giraffe and the Primates. Discover the gentle giants Mountain Gorilla, Chimpanzees in Kibale. Explore Uganda in style.

10 National Parks Uganda

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The Primates Gorilla trekking in Uganda is a wonderful experience that allows you to get up close to these gentle mountain Gorillas giants of the jungle in their natural habitat.

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